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Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. focuses its attention on every aspect of all color consuming industries.  We provide an array of pigments (both organic and inorganic) for multiple uses.  Our pigments find their way into all types of printing inks including, offset, gravure, UV, and flexo.  They are also consumed in cosmetics, food, plastics, rubber, paint, artist colors, and synthetic fibers. 

Equally as large is our involvement in pigment preparations.  Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. offers an extensive line in pigment dispersions, both resinated and non-resinated. These dispersions include acrylic, surfactant, and our new epoxy ester based systems.  Also included in pigment preparations are our flushed colors for inks & plastics, as well as two-roll mill chips for various applications.

Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. primary focus is our customers.  We cater to and are able to custom manufacture for almost any application. We hope you will find the necessary information you require on this site about our companies products and its services.



Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process.


We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our   customers on all products.

For over 25 years Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. has strived to achieve success in serving our customers both large and small alike.

Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. was created on November 1, 1986 by the president Richard A. McEvoy.  He owned and operated the company from a small office in his basement for the next five years.  It wasn't until 1991-1992 when the company was re-incorporated and expanded with the addition of Alan D. Boles.  In 1994-1995 Richard's three daughters, Kimberly I. McEvoy, Eileen R. McEvoy, and Kelley A. McEvoy were brought into the company for sales and management.

Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. moved into a new building and warehouse, hired agents throughout the United States, and expanded into the pigment preparations market.  In the first ten years (1986-1996) Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. became a multi-function company in all areas of the color industry.    Since 1996 Decorative Color & Chemical has continued to grow and adapt to the changing industry. 

We offer a vast array of products and also customize to meet today's demands.  In 2003 Decorative Color & Chemical, Inc. opened its very own Research & Development branch, headed by Kevin J. McEvoy.  The addition of this laboratory has enabled our company to continually develop better products and new products specifically designed for each customer.